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Publications by Søren M. Kristensen

  1. Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of the B9(Asp) Mutant of Human Insulin. Sequential Assignment and Secondary Structure.
    Søren M. Kristensen, Anne Marie M. Jørgensen, Jens J. Led, Per Balschmidt & Finn B. Hansen
    J. Mol. Biol. 218, 221-231 (1991).

  2. Three-dimensional Solution Structure of an Insulin Dimer. A Study of the B9(Asp) Mutant of Human Insulin Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Distance Geometry and Restrained Molecular Dynamics.
    Anne Marie M. Jørgensen, Søren M. Kristensen, Jens J. Led & Per Balschmidt
    J. Mol. Biol. 227, 1146-1163 (1992).

  3. Specific Nitrogen-15 Labelling of Leucine Residues in Human Growth Hormone.
    Thorkild Christensen, Jørgen Petersen, Claus Friis Theisen, Kjeld Bjerregaard, Søren M. Kristensen & Jens J. Led
    Acta. Chem. Scand. 47, 990-993 (1993).

  4. A New Method for Measuring 1H-1H Spin-Spin Coupling Constants.
    Morten Dahl Sørensen, Søren M. Kristensen, Jens J. Led & Ole Winneche Sørensen
    J. Magn. Reson. Series A 103, 364-368 (1993).

  5. Resonance Assignment and Structural Studies of Proteins in Solution by Two- and Three-Dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
    Søren M. Kristensen
    Ph.D. thesis, University of Copenhagen (1993).

  6. Structural Characterization of PNA-DNA Duplexes by NMR. Evidence for DNA in a B-like Conformation.
    Mikael Leijon, Astrid Gräslund, Peter E. Nielsen, Ole Buchardt, Bengt Nordø'n, Søren M. Kristensen and Magdalena Eriksson
    Biochemistry 33, 9820-9825 (1994).

  7. A Carbon-13 NMR Study of the B9(Asp) Mutant of Human Insulin. Assignments and Structural Information.
    Søren M. Kristensen & Jens J. Led
    Magn. Reson. Chem. 33, 461-470 (1995).

  8. Overcoming the Solvent-Saturation Transfer Problem in 1H-15N NOE Measurements. Application of Jump-Return Pulses.
    Morten Dahl Sørensen, Søren M. Kristensen & Jens J. Led
    J. Magn. Reson. Series B 107, 83-87 (1995).

  9. Assignment of the Backbone Carbonyl Resonances in 15N-labelled Proteins with 13C at Natural Abundance by a 2D Triple-resonance Correlation Technique.
    Søren M. Kristensen, Morten Dahl Sørensen & Jens J. Led
    J. Biomol. NMR 5, 411-14 (1995).

  10. Estimation of Signal Intensities in 2D NMR Spectra with Severe Baseline Distortion by Combined Linear-Prediction and Least-Squares Analyses.
    Søren M. Kristensen, Morten Dahl Sørensen, Henrik Gesmar & Jens J. Led
    J. Magn. Reson. Series B 112, 193-196 (1996).

  11. Elucidation of the Origin of Multiple Conformations of the Human alpha3-Chain Type VI Collagen C-Terminal Kunitz Domain. The Reorientation of the Trp21 Ring.
    Morten Dahl Sørensen, Søren M. Kristensen, Søren Bjørn, Kjeld Norris, Ole Olsen & Jens J. Led
    J. Biomol. NMR 8, 391-403 (1996).

  12. Solution Structure of the C-terminal SH2 Domain of the p85alpha Regulatory Subunit of Phosphatidylinositide-3 Kinase.
    Gregg Siegal, Ben Davis, Jeff Linacre, Søren M. Kristensen, Andrew Sankar, George Panayotou, Rob Stein, Michael D. Waterfield & Paul C. Driscoll
    J. Mol. Biol. 276, 461-478 (1998).

  13. A Fluxional Lanthanium(III) Polypyridyl Complex - A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation
    Anders Døssing, & Søren M. Kristensen, Hans Toftlund and Juliusz A. Wilny
    Acta Chem. Scand. 53, 575-580 (1999).

  14. NMR exchange broadening arising form specific low affinity protein self-association: Analuysis of nitrogen-15 nuclear relaxation for rat CD2 domain 1
    Mark Pfuhl, Ho A. Chen, Søren M. Kristensen & Paul. C. Driscoll
    J. Biomol. NMR 14, 307-314 (1999).

  15. Solution conformation of the insulin B-chain fragment B23-B29
    Majbritt B. Nørrevang, Frits Abildgård, Søren M. Kristensen & Jens J. Led
    Asian Chem. Letters 4, 159-170 (2000).

  16. Backbone dynamics of the C-terminal SH2 domain of the p85alpha subunit of phosphoinositide 3-kinase: Effect of phosphotyrisine peptide binding and characterization of slow conformational exchange processes
    Søren M. Kristensen, Gregg Siegal, Andrew Sankar, & Paul C. Driscoll
    J. Mol. Biol. 299, 771-788 (2000).

  17. NMR studies of the backbone flexibility and structure of human growth hormone: A comparison of high and low pH conformations
    Marina R. Kasimova, Søren M. Kristensen, Peter W. A. Howe, Thorkild Christensen, Finn Matthiesen, Jørgen Petersen, Hans H. Sørensen and Jens J. Led
    J. Mol. Biol. (2002) 318, 679-695.

  18. Backbone dynamics of reduced plastocyanin from the cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis: Regions involved in electron transfer have enhanced mobility
    L. X. Ma, M. A. S. Hass, N. Vierick, S. M. Kristensen, J. Ulstrup and J. J. Led
    Biochemistry (2003) 42, 320-330.

Review papers

  1. NMR of Biomacromolecules
    P. C. Driscoll & S. M. Kristensen
    in RSC specialist periodical reports Vol. 27 Chapter 9, 292-336 (1998).

  2. NMR of Biomacromolecules
    P. C. Driscoll & S. M. Kristensen
    in RSC specialist periodical reports Vol. 28 Chapter 9, 309-363 (1999).

  3. The cracked pitcher goes most often to the well: protein flexibility versus stability (in Danish)
    M.R. Kasimova, S. M. Kristensen and J. J. Led
    Dansk Kemi, 83 (4), 32-34 (2002).

  4. The Nobel prize in chemistry 2002 goes to NMR spectroscopist
    Jens Jørgen Led and Søren M. Kristensen
    Dansk Kemi (2002) 83[12], 6-8

  5. NMR Spectroscopist wins the Nobel prize in chemistry 2002
    Søren M. Kristensen and Jens Jørgen Led
    Kvant (2002) 13[4], 9-11

  6. Protein Stability versus Dynamics: A Flexible State of Human Growth Hormone Shows Surprisingly High Stability
    M. R. Kasimova, S. M. Kristensen, and J. J. Led
    Asian Chemical Letters, 7, 107-111 (2003)

Søren M. Kristensen, February 10, 2004